Trying To Be Relevant

Most of our existence has vanished in the fact we’re trying so hard to be relevant. You, Me, Him, Her, He, She, Them?? And yet we fail to chart our own importance in an ever-effervescent world.

Hence, I trust (or have come to) in this staid process of dissolution –call it removing oneself from the equation– The perfect emergence of true “oneness” from within towards the fringes of one’s oft-frail physical existence. I can’t & won’t try to comprehend something that is ever-expanding, never-limiting & yet so-fulfilling every (single) time; I stop to think about it. This universe & the epic infiniteness of it all. And much more.

Are you still with me? If so, then good ‘coz I myself am not….. See? How the feeling of personal irrelevance has already kicked-in as I try to deliver a message…

One sneeze from the universe towards our planet and off we might be gulped into a supermassive blackhole. Calling some of our dear 2020 Nobel Laureates – Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel & Andrea Chez for help! I am out of my depth on this one… But until the above happenstance; what about the proverbial blackhole we are already falling into? The one of hatred, growing inequality, religious intolerance, xenophobia and what not? No Nobel Laureate can help us save the day from that except perhaps one’s own internalization; perhaps the only chance to be (ever so slightly) relevant in this universe of gazillion stars, planets & galaxies!

Until that happens, I prefer to STAY IRRELEVANT. Hope you will join my irrelevance.


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I am resilient and stronger,
Stoic and immovable, in face of this adversity;
Lies my epiphany, my destiny.
If not now, when? (I keep pondering...)
Sometimes lost, sometimes found
but seldom forever around.
Am I losing ground or just mounting a mound ?
That's based on perspective...
Hazed and amazed at my inability,
To decided and pick a route,
That won't leave me astray
and will have something to say...
Something of worth,
Something of kindness,
In this "opportunity in anomaly" stricken world.
Someday we'll meet (again) and share a coffee (to look backkkk)
Wish to reminisce a part of life we sorely missed,
Helplessly sealed with a proverbial kiss.
Oh, BTW : Ro2VI - "Reminisce On The 2nd Visceral Inexperience"

Chasing Epiphany

Yup. In a crux, well that’s it. That’s about it. But wait…… there’s more.

Perpetually a lost soul, is what I am (in a gist). So, as any lost soul does – I am always looking for some meaning or a greater purpose with everything I do.

To be honest; I haven’t made much progress except for a little bit of understanding how our lives function in this oft selfish and profit driven world.

Where we’ll end up with this – no one is sure, no one can be, even if the best predictions by our economists / politicians / influencers do work out – it is because subconsciously or consciously they have wanted it. And rest of the population just goes with the flow whilst conveniently terming it as adaptation. I too sort of belong to that category. Until now.

With the greying hair and every passing year there’s an urgent sense of belonging for a place that I don’t know (yet) but it feels closer than ever. I don’t feel like (blindingly) adapting to this world anymore.

All these years, I have been reading how epiphanies happen to people and I have been looking for mine all over, forever. In the process of searching one, I even got married and now about to cross my 30’s- Whilst it’s realisation yet to dawn upon me.

My career is (sort of) in doldrums but funnily I am not so much worried about it. As if something uniquely profound is just about to reveal itself and then some.

Job applications aren’t really working out (I really wonder if they ever really do in this “influence driven” world) and it’s getting boring to send out resumes needlessly when majority of recruiters don’t even care to reply back. Nevertheless, it’s a battle to be fought regardless of the outcome.

Perhaps, being clueless and empty is my epiphany? Urging me to learn things, meet new people, digest new perceptions and then some.


P.S. I have taken the above picture from internet and don’t own it’s creative rights. It’s just used for illustration purposes.

My funny cup of tea

The tea that I am holding is so damn hot, so what?

It is nothing compared to the past that I am folding.

(Ready to) let it go away and dissolve / disappear in the sands of time.

Because, they say time heals everything. Wonder how long will this take to heal? Or will it always be my Achilles heel?

A game of wait and watch awaits…